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Dillon Francis - Outside Service Manager and First Assistant

Born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley, Dillon Francis grew up learning golf on his grandfather’s driving range. As he grew older, you could typically find him spending his time at Hamilton Golf Club. His relentless time spent at the course finally paid off in when he and his teammates won the 2010 State A Golf championship for the Hamilton Broncs. While attending Montana State University for Business, Francis found employment as an outside service staff member at Black Bull Golf Club.


After a few seasons with the club, he established a love for the industry and eventually made his way to The Stock Farm Club, in Hamilton, Montana. There he continued to learn about customer service as an outside staff member and got his start as a caddy. After meeting many members of various clubs, Francis decided he needed to venture outside of his home state and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he got a job at Whisper Rock Golf Club.

As a full time employee of “The Rock”, Francis continued his golf journey as a member of the golf staff, caddy, and a short stint as a locker room attendant over his four year tenure. Whisper Rock
taught him what it takes to provide an exceptional experience at a private club and he was eager to return to where his love of the industry began, Black Bull.

In May of 2018, Francis rejoined the team at Black Bull and assumed the role of outside service manager. Excited to be back to where it all began, Francis is now the First Assistant in the Golf
Shop. He spends most of his free time golfing, fishing, or enjoying one of the many activities Bozeman, Montana has to offer.

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