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Rob Schumacher is an avid outdoorsman, with a passion for fishing, skiing and golf. He lives in California with his wife and three children. Although a Californian by geography, Rob is a Montanan at heart. Rob has long-time ties with Montana—his father spent part of his childhood in Helena, his sister’s family has lived in Bozeman since 2003, and Rob has visited Montana numerous times since 1997.

Rob met architect Jerry Locati during one of his trips to Montana, and they teamed up to build Rob’s home in Whitefish. Rob also has property in Bozeman, and has been a Bozeman taxpayer since 2005-06.

Rob’s sister, Sally Uhlmann and her husband Robert, are original and current Black Bull Members. They first introduced Rob to Black Bull at one of the Club's first golf tournaments. Rob immediately fell in love with the course and the community.

Rob is also a part of a real estate venture taking place in San Antonio, TX. You can learn more about that here