Black Bull Golf Tip | #7 With David Baucom

"Today we're going to focus on ball position. Golf balls are all over the place in people's stances. They try to play the game too athletically, so they pull the golf ball over and they can hit it from here and they can hit it from there, and since we're athletes we can kinda do that. But, that's not the best way to hit a golf ball.

The ball position controls your trajectory and where it's going to go. Very important to practice it correctly on the practice facility. So, we're going to take another golf club and add it to our target line, and our foot line, and we're going to put it perpendicular to our foot line shaft and then when I set up, I can see if the ball is too far back. I can see if the ball is too far forward. And then, once I add open and close, my angles can really get skewed.

But, if I practice in this shell everyday, I can have good consistent ball position, and I can swing more like a machine. You know in golf our machines test our equipment for us. They hit perfect golf shots. In tennis and baseball, their machines throw balls; they can't hit them. The golf ball is not moving, so we have to learn to swing on both sides of it and let the ball get in the way in the middle. 

The ball can't get in the way well if it's not in a great spot. Practice your ball position; know where it is. You'll be a better golfer."