Black Bull Golf Tip | #5 With David Baucom

"The single biggest problem I see playing in pro ams with amateur golfers is their alignment is awful. I'm not saying mine's great, but I work on it hard and everybody's got to work on their alignment, and I'm going to teach you how today. You got to picture a train track. The outside track is what we call the targetline. That's gonna go all the way directly to your target. And the inside track is what we line up our feet, our knees, our hips, and our shoulders on. So we never want any of these lines crossing up. The inside line always stays left of the target forever and the outside line is where we want the ball to end up. We can't have crossing lines. So, how do you practice it? Every time you hit a golf ball on the practice facility, you want to hit with a target line. You have to have one. Lay down a club; they make cool tools that you can the judge it with, but always have something on the target line. And as you practice, and you practice setting up, once you're on this train track appropriately, your eyes get used to seeing the target out there and you know how to line up on the golf course. But, it takes repetitive practice in this frame to get dialed in on your alignment. Practice it; you'll be a better golfer!"