Black Bull Golf Tip | #4 With David Baucom

"I'm on this beautiful par-5 that Mr. Weiskopf designed. The only problem with it it's a little long. It's just about six hundred yards. Got a little breeze today, but he gave me a nice generous landing area. So, I need about an extra 10 yards than I normally get. Here's how you can get it. It takes a little blind faith. What you've got to do is you gotta get loose; you gotta get wiggly. You gotta let the oil flow. You wanna feel like your arms are ribbons blowing in the wind. So, I set up to it. I know I got a little room; I need a little speed. I get as loose as I can get and then right before I swing, I smile. It loosens me up and I can let it rip. There's an extra 10 yards for you. Practice it; you'll love it. If that doesn't work for you, you can always move up a tee, tee it forward."